小日茶禮盒-常玉 盆栽 Little Day Tea Gift Set SANYU 『Fruiting and Flowering Potted Plant』

NTD 450


內容物:隨身盒 x 3;茶包2入/盒

This product is authorized by the National Museum of History by use SANYU's paintings.


採用局部畫作像似圖騰般綻放著充滿生命力的祝福。代表喜氣的石榴、百合、桃子等, 顯得熱鬧非凡色彩繽紛。盆花枝幹上開滿了各式各樣的花卉,結滿了果實,各有豐富的色彩,加上數隻蝴蝶飛繞,顯得熱鬧非凡。
Partial paintings are used to bloom like totems, full of vitality blessings.The Pomegranates, lilies, peaches, etc., which represent happiness, look lively and colorful. The branches of the potted flowers are full of all kinds of flowers and fruits, each with rich colors. With several butterflies flying around, it looks very lively.



{茶日子 Dae by Day } 以台灣茶為基底, 依不同時節搭配嚴選自世界各地優質產區生產的原料, 按一定比例調配而成的複方茶, 品質穩定, 茶香甘醇。 

{茶日子Dae by Day } 台湾茶をベースとしており、 季節ごとに世界各地の優良産地から厳選された原料を、 一定の比率でブレンドしたブレンドティーは、 安定した品質で、 芳醇な香りがします。 

{ Dae by Day } Based on pure Taiwan grown teas, infused throughout the seasons with top quality ingredients sourced from premium regions around the world. Compound teas created meticulously according to optimal proportions, our blends offer lasting quality and incomparable, lasting flavors.

※ 產品通過 SGS 檢驗合格

※ 商品は SGS 検査に合格しています

※ Our products have passed SGS certification 


台灣話 [ 茶 Dae ] 的發音近似 Day喝茶就像過日子。 一口茶, 慢慢喝, 日子有味日子也許不完美。

一口茶, 慢慢喝, 苦後回甘

{ 茶日子 Dae by Day }以 「過好日」 為概念, 為你挑好茶好日子, 定義可自己決定茶日子, 喝茶不用挑日子因為365日, 日日是好日 

台湾語の茶 ( Dae ) の発音は Day ( 日々 ) に似ています。お茶を飲むことはちょうど日々を過ごすことと似ていて,一口ずつ, ゆっくりと飲んで,味わいます。思い通りに行かない日々もあるけれど,一口ずつ, ゆっくりと飲んで, 苦みの後に甘みが広がります。

{茶日子Dae by Day }は新しいライフスタイル,「良い日を過ごす」をコンセプトに,あなたにぴったりのお茶を。良い日の過ごし方は, 自分で決められます。茶日子,毎日がお茶を飲むのに良い日です。日々是好日だからです。 

In Taiwanese, “tea” is pronounced [ dae ], which sounds like “day”. Drinking a soothing cup of tea is a way to savor every moment as we enjoy each passing day. While things may not always go our way, a cup of aromatic tea can always be counted on to imbue the day with an extra hint of sweetness.

{ Dae by Day } is not just a drink - it’s a lifestyle. A soothing sip of tea each day caters to our wellbeing. How we pass each day is up to us - but tea is there no matter what path we take. With Dae by Day, every day is a good day.





SANYU was one of the earliest Chinese artists to study in Paris. His works combine Chinese and Western art features, often using simple and powerful lines, shapes and contours to present a unique personal style. The paintings are simple and simple in color, and the nude girls, plants and flowers, and animal scenery are the three major themes.